How Text Collector works

Printing your Text Messages seems simple, right? Well, it’s not quite as easy as it seems. Luckily, Text Collector handles the tricky parts for you.

There are things it doesn’t do, however. If Text Collector won’t work for you, check out the alternatives.

If you’re having trouble with a collection, email

How to convert text messages to PDF

Text Collector allows you to gather all (or some) of your text messages into a shareable file format, called a Collection. A collection is a static copy of your messages at the time the collection is made, optionally filtered by date. Collections do not change once complete.

  1. Tap the New collection button.

  2. To make a collection based on a date range, select your Starting and Ending dates. (To collect all your text messages leave the date fields blank.)

  3. Tap the Collect messages button.

  4. Once the collection is complete, you can open it and:

    • Scroll through all collected messaged using the Next and Previous buttons

    • Tap the Find button to view messages from a particular individual

    • Tap the Share button to “zip up” for export


      You have the option here to export either the conversation you’re reading or all conversations.

      Email works well for exporting small collections. Services like Dropbox or Google Drive are better for large collections.

      Unlocking the share feature requires a small one-time purchase.

  5. Download the zip file to an ordinary computer and extract it. Individual conversations are separate PDF files in the zip.

On a home computer, you can now print the conversations you need.

Want to see screenshots? Visit the walkthrough or watch this video: